Weighted Blanket Addresses Sleep Issues and ADHD

The application of weighted blankets for a therapeutic massage first began for children with Autism & ADHD. However, both Autism and ADHD affect adults just as much as children, and therefore a weighted blanket for the elderly has a calming and relaxing effect for everyone. The many benefits of using a weighted blanket are very similar to using them for therapeutic massage for children.

We know that stress can contribute to pain and discomfort in many parts of life, but we don’t always understand its effect on our sleeping patterns. Research in both Autism and ADHD indicates that sleep is critical for maintaining emotional health and growth. We also know that when sleep is disrupted, growth hormone production and metabolism is affected. The introduction of a weighted blanket during a sleep-impaired state can help to restore a child’s regular sleeping habits and enable growth and development.

Sleep disturbance is a common condition experienced by adults with Autism, including adults with ADHD. One of the effects of sleep disorder is the activation of corticosteroid hormones during the night, which are designed to combat inflammation. Unfortunately, these hormones interfere with the chemical and neurological messages sent from the brain to the rest of the body. Because of this, individuals suffering from these conditions are often experiencing extreme feelings of fatigue, irritability, depression and anxiety. Using weighted blankets, patients can be exposed to the same soothing effects of homeopathy without the added stress or fatigue.


The second effect of sleep disorder is the activation of neuro endocrinological pathways. For example, individuals with Autism and ADHD have significantly lower levels of serotonin than the general population. Low serotonin levels mean that individuals may struggle to fall asleep or remain asleep. A weighted blanket therapy for these conditions will allow for the natural restoration of serotonin levels to promote the feeling of well being and restorative sleep.

Another benefit of weighted blanket therapy for ADHD is that it can relieve symptoms associated with insomnia. In clinical studies, patients who participated in these treatments were shown to have a significant reduction in night-time sleepiness and a gradual decrease in the occurrence of awakening. Furthermore, many individuals treated for ADHD with this form of relaxation could maintain everyday sleeping routines even when interrupted by severe stresses or traumatic events. On the other hand, a clinical test by one medical centre found that most children with ADHD had sleep difficulties associated with the use of a blanket while awake.

Sleep disorders and ADHD can be managed by using specialized pressure points on the chest and abdomen. Although many people debate the efficacy of ADHD meds, a large portion of the American population has accepted the use of these types of blankets as a means of alleviating symptoms. In addition, many people report an increase in sleep quality and lower stress levels after receiving blanket-type pressure on their chest. As a result, sufferers may find that their overall sleep quality improves, and they can rest easier at night.

There are many benefits associated with using ADHD rated blankets, such as reducing symptoms associated with sleep issues and ADHD. In addition, as long as your child receives regular stimulation, they should be able to remain calm and focused. When combined with relaxation exercises, it can be very effective in providing treatment for your child’s ADHD.