Tips For Buying School Shoes For Children

If your child is about to start school, the first thing to decide is what school shoes she will need. Depending on her age and foot size, she may need a different style than her peers. Low-cost options are available, but consider her age and foot size when choosing the right pair. Mary Janes are another option. Read on for tips to find the perfect pair. Your child’s feet will thank you.

Low-cost options

school shoesWhen choosing school shoes for your child, consider how much they will cost and what they will wear. While new shoes are typically the best option, older ones may need re-enforcement to last longer. Also, don’t buy lace shoes for children under one-year-old. Lace shoes can tear or break easily, so consider buying them with a rubber sole to prevent future damage. Finally, you should look for affordable athletic shoes in addition to school shoes.

In addition to the size, consider buying insoles for your child. They will provide optimal cushioning and extra shock absorption while keeping their feet flexible. SynxBody has a range of kids’ insoles with an anti-slip cover that you can trim to fit the shoe. Always measure both of your child’s feet to get a good fit. If you notice one foot is larger than the other, adjust the shoe size to accommodate the larger foot.

Keeping a child’s age in mind

When buying school shoes for your child, a few tips will help you choose the right kind. Many schools don’t have specific rules regarding the style of shoes your child can wear, although some schools do. You should always consider your child’s age as they grow and develop at different rates. For younger children, look for shoes with rip-tape fastenings to make them easier to put on and take off. In addition, make sure the shoe has enough support for the child’s feet. Then you can choose a pair with floral patterns or other styles to keep their feet comfortable.

When buying your child’s first pair of school shoes, it’s important to keep their size in mind. A toddler’s feet are smaller than a preschooler’s, so you should buy shoes with ample room for their toes. Similarly, a preschooler’s feet are much larger, so a sturdy shoe is a better choice. Ensure your child can twist and fold the shoe without hurting it.

Keeping foot size in mind

One of the most important aspects of children’s buying school shoes is remembering the proper foot size. While purchasing a new pair of shoes, it is important to consider how much your child’s foot changes over time. A child’s shoe size will change frequently and should be measured correctly to prevent tightness and improper motions. Buying the wrong size can lead to structural and functional deformities.

First, measure your child’s foot. The shoe should fit with a thumb width of space between the end of the shoe and the longest toe. The shoe should not squeeze your child’s toes or bulge. The width of the shoe should correspond to the widest part of the foot. The shoe’s fastening mechanism should also be sturdy and secure, keeping the heel firmly tucked behind the front part. The sole should also not twist or bend, except at the toes.

Mary Janes

Mary Janes are the perfect choice if your child is looking for comfortable and stylish shoes to wear to school. They come with flexible and supportive outsoles. They are also designed with a firm heel counter for extra support. When purchasing Mary Jane shoes, ensure that they fit correctly. They should also be comfortable to wear in the classroom and on the playground. In addition to comfort and durability, Mary Janes are made with 100% leather and memory foam insoles.

Regarding style, classic black Mary Janes look great with shorts or skirts. Next, choose ankle-strapped pumps or knee-highs with statement socks. Then, pair them with patterned tights to complete the look. Or go for chunky Mary Jane pumps for a more formal occasion. These types of shoes are generally made with thick ankle straps. You can also dress up the look with a button-down shirt and tights.


If you’re looking for a school shoes that kids love, consider Crocs. Crocs have become a foot sensation since they were first released in 2002. Their non-slip tread and waterproof tendencies have turned them into a hip alternative to sneakers and traditional shoes. In warm weather, they make a great choice over bare feet. So, what are the benefits of Crocs school shoes? Let’s find out.

In 2005, Crocs underwent its first national marketing campaign. Its goal was to raise the brand’s awareness. They hired TDA Advertising & Design to launch the campaign, and it was featured in Men’s Journal and Real Simple. By the end of 2005, the company had sold more than six million pairs of shoes worldwide and generated over $108.8 million in sales. After the IPO, Crocs increased its production capacity.