Amphibians, Baggies, and Surf Trunks

Swimming is not only for the rich but also for the young. These days, there are several brands of swimwear on the market, including Amphibians, Baggies, and Surf trunks. Here, we’ll discuss choosing the right pair of swim shorts for you. You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect pair, no matter where you plan to go in the water. The key is finding one perfect for your style and budget.


Board shorts

There are a few things to look for in swim shorts for swimming. One important feature is a high waist. The high waist provides coverage for the tummy area. Board shorts with a high waist feature adjustable side tie cords, a built-in full lining, and an elastic waist. They are perfect for swimming or other outdoor sports and are versatile enough to match with bikinis or rash guards. See more collections from ORTC Clothing.


The length is equally important as the inseam. A good pair of board shorts will have an inseam above the knee, but you can also buy longer shorts if you wear them for casual outings. Using a fabric measuring tape, you can measure the length of an old pair of shorts. Measure the length from the crotch to the bottom hem. Once you have these measurements, you’ll be able to choose the perfect pair.



Amphibians are a group of small vertebrates that require water for survival. These creatures include frogs, salamanders, and newts. They begin their life as aquatic larvae called tadpoles, which grow into full-grown creatures complete with limbs and lungs. Many brands of swimwear and boardsport equipment are dedicated to amphibians. The Quiksilver Union Heather Amphibian short is an example of a hybrid short. This short is made of durable material and is lightweight like swim shorts.


The 4-Way stretch unlined shorts are for gym workouts, swimming, or aggressive power walks. These shorts are also ideal for weekend brunches! These versatile swim shorts also feature a zippered back pocket to hold your apartment keys. Water-repellent materials help keep the shorts dry, even when swimming in a pool. This feature makes these shorts ideal for use in light rain.



When it comes to swimwear, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Baggies for swim shorts. Made from 100% recycled nylon, they are lightweight and durable and can be fully submerged. Some models also have vertical side pockets, which reduce drag in the water, while mesh interiors allow water to drain quickly. These shorts also feature an elastic drawstring waist that makes them secure without sacrificing comfort. They also come in different colours and sizes. See more collections from ORTC Clothing.


Patagonia Baggies are constructed from recycled nylon. This fabric uses up to 52 per cent less water and emits eighteen per cent less carbon dioxide when compared to conventional nylon. In addition, these shorts are crafted in factories overseas under the Fair Trade Certification program, which encourages social compliance and worker health. To be part of the Fair Trade program, brands must pay more than usual to use the Fair Trade label. The extra money is then distributed to a Fair Trade committee.


Surf trunks

There are two primary swimming trunks: surf trunks and swim shorts. Both are made to be comfortable, breathable, and quick-drying. Surf shorts are more technical than swim trunks, and most are made to be longer than a board short. They are preferred for most land-based and water-based activities. This article will explain the difference between the two types of swimwear. A quick overview of the differences between swim trunks and board shorts follows.


The main differences between these two types of surf trunks can be found in the fabric used. Rip Curl uses stretch fabrics fused with flexible stretch tape, promising an ergo fit and minimal seams in critical areas. The Mirage Core boardshorts from Billabong have a 20-inch outseam, waist tie tech, and a high hip zipper mesh pocket. In addition, these board shorts feature four-way stretch and are made with eco-friendly materials.