Why It’s Best To Hire Staged Building Inspectors For Your Staged Pest Inspection

“Building Inspectors Adelaide is a successful residential property developer with an expertly comprehensive product range that includes state of the art design and construction products. The company is based in Adelaide, Australia and has six offices in metropolitan areas across South Australia. We work with clients across the whole of Australia, having established manufacturing and distribution hubs in Perth, Hobart, Adelaide, New South Wales and Melbourne. Our product ranges include both design and construction equipment and include steel building products, precast column line and precast panel products and facade systems.


With our expert knowledge of all aspects of construction and design, we can produce full photographic reports, provide immediate action to any issues occurring, and even pre-approach building regulations and standards for approval. Building Inspectors Adelaide are at the forefront of this exciting industry and have been awarded the prestigious National Building Inspection Award for the past two years, sharing this honour with VEC Zest and Gold Coast-based business Emaar Technology Pty Ltd. Also sharing this award was Cusco International, who also received an award for their services within the industry. Building Inspectors Adelaide is becoming more of an industry leader and producing more services than ever before, with the number of awards and recognition growing each year.


Many of our clients’ buildings will require a timber pest inspection, and this requires experts in this field to oversee its maintenance and prevent problems in the future. There are many types of timber pest inspections available. Depending on the severity of the infestation, it is important to find the right company to send for a professional inspection. As well as the type of timber pest inspection required, building inspectors Adelaide can provide a full range of general building inspections and a full-service facade restoration and insulation inspection. These inspections require skilled and qualified professionals to ensure they are carried out correctly and ensure the best outcome for all concerned. Whether you require facade restoration or insulation checks, building inspectors Adelaide can provide an extensive and detailed service to help achieve your desired results.


Staged building inspections are often used within the construction and building inspection industry and provide a professional service to the clients that require this level of expertise. These inspections involve a stage by stage procedure and use a system of predetermined procedures and visual indicators to assist in the inspection process. Staged building inspections have become a mainstay within the construction industry over the last decade. They have increased in popularity for several reasons, including the increased confidence in the process and increased accuracy achieved. Staged building inspections also provide a far higher degree of safety and efficiency and reduce the time required to achieve your desired result.