As the premier luxury photo booth rental company in Pennsylvania’s Brandywine Valley, Clique Bait isn’t just a great addition to your party….it IS the party!

Perfect for weddings, family gatherings, milestone birthdays, mitzvahs, and charity events, the compact design of our open air unit along with the high quality of our photos cannot be beat.

We named our brand Clique Bait because we become a magnet for fun + friendship everywhere we set up!

sean + sarah

We are a couple planning our 2018 wedding while running two businesses and raising twin girls, Tessa and Olivia. We both share a primary creative passion (writing) and secondary passion (sending each other memes from opposite ends of the house). The way romance should be, ya know?

When we aren’t working, we are writing screenplays together, preparing our first documentary for its 2018 release, and thinking about how we can better the world and our place within it. Our home base is in Coatesville, PA where we are nestled in the Doe Run area. We max out on our country setting by foraging for mushrooms (Sean) and making our kids dress like prairie children for Instagram pics (not Sean).

We love booth-ing in Philly, mostly to shove our favorite meals into our face before/after: coconut curry from Cheu, a crispy buffalo ranch from HipCityVeg, or a pistachio rose crueler from Suraya, with some CakeLife for dessert.

We are passionate about social equity, and any investment you make in our work will be used to support our family and the social justice initiatives we care most about.